Shipping and delivery

HOT SPOT SRL dispatch the goods purchased by the Customer exclusively in the areas specified in the Site. Before proceeding with the purchase order, the customer is required to check whether the place of delivery within the selected List countries served. Before proceeding with the purchase order please examine the timing and costs of delivery in Italy and abroad. Delivery times are estimates based exclusively on developing normal order and the delivery times stated by the carriers. HOT SPOT SRL is not responsible for any delays caused during the transport service and ensures compliance with quality standards for products and services only up to the time of delivery at the place specified by the customer. HOT SPOT SRL is not responsable for any liability on the bad condition of the goods due to improper storage after the time of delivery. In any case, HOT SPOT SRL agrees to make delivery within thirty days of placing your order online by the customer. For the purposes of delivery  is required the presence of the customer or his representative at the place and on the day of scheduled delivery. In case of "payment at delivery", payment will not be concluded, the goods will not be delivered and HOT SPOT SRL reserves the right to terminate the contract for breach by the Client unless HOT SPOT SRL will take new agreements with the customer for a new delivery.

Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending to HOT SPOT SRL a letter A / R within ten working days from the date of receipt of goods. The communication can be anticipated within the same period, by e-mail or fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered A / R within 48 hours of the following references:

HOT SPOT SRL srl, Via Castellana 59 / d 30037 Scorzè (VE) |
fax +39 041 445191

This shall be considered sent timely if delivered to the post office within ten working days from the date of receipt of goods.
Such notice shall clearly indicate the intention to withdraw from the purchase of products that must be identified with precision, it must be accompanied by a copy of the transport document. In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer must return the goods at their own expense sending it to the following address:

HOT SPOT SRL, Via Castellana 59 / d 30037 Scorzè (VE)

The integrity of the property to be returned must be intact and in good condition. In addition, the product must be returned in the original appliances and accessories. Failure to observe the prescribed manner will allow HOT SPOT SRL to reject the goods returned by the customer. In the event of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, HOT SPOT SRL will refund the purchase price and the cost of sending the goods to the customer's home as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days from the date of HOT SPOT SRL received notice of the right of withdrawal. Are excluded from the right to withdraw the costs of returning the goods, which are charged to the customer (Article 67, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree no. N. 206/2005). In the event that the customer has received defective, damaged or wrong, delivery costs will be borne by HOT SPOT SRL that will make every diligent effort to replace the damaged or defective products. If the replacement is not possible, the only obligation of HOT SPOT SRL is to refund the amount paid. The right of withdrawal can not be exercised in the case of a) CDs, DVDs and other products delivered with seal SIAE, opened by the consumer, b) digital content purchased with download or email, see section 6.2. If the returned product defects, even minor, occurring at the time of return, HOT SPOT SRL reserves the right to reduce the value of the refund to offset the damage found on the product.
The right of withdrawal is only or the customer - consumer who buys for purposes unrelated to his economic activity and employment, and therefore provides the Supplier, together with the data, your tax code.

Law and Jurisdiction

The contract of sale between HOT SPOT SRL and the Client shall be governed  in accordance with Italian law and the responsibility of the Court of Venice.

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